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Common Bite Problems

Malocclusions : The word malocclusion literally means "bad bite." Malocclusion is a problem in the way the upper and lower teeth and/or jaws fit together. Malocclusions are most often ... Read More »

Common Questions about Treatment

What are some of the potential benefits of orthodontic treatment? There are many benefits for undergoing orthodontic treatment. In addition to achieving a more attractive smile, orthodontic ... Read More »

Living with Braces

In order for your orthodontic treatment to progress efficiently and effectively, you must look after them very carefully. Here is a list of some common questions our patients have when starting ... Read More »

Ceramic (Clear) Braces

Aside from the traditional metal braces, our office offers a more esthetic fixed option - Ceramic, or clear, braces. With ceramic braces, you will never have to worry about flashing a "tin grin" ... Read More »

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligation braces have become very popular in orthodontics over the past few years due mainly to drastic improvements in design and functioning. Rather than having colored elastic bands hold ... Read More »

Different Types of Appliances

Retainers Retainer appliances are delivered after the active phase of your orthodontic treatment and help to hold and stabilize your teeth in their new positions. These appliances can be ... Read More »

Taking Care of your Retainer

A very important part of your treatment follows the removal of your braces or appliances. This phase is known as Retention and is crucial in order to maintain the results gained through ... Read More »

Dictionary for Patients

Appliance : Orthodontic appliances can be either fixed to your teeth or removable, and are used to push, hold, or pull your teeth and/or jaw bones in a certain direction with a specific amount of ... Read More »

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I was referred by my dentist and went for an initial consult to see what can be done so I can get a better smile. I must say the service is extra-ordinary....

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When Emily started her treatment we assured her she'd be all done before graduation. She chose the 'faster' treatment, she never complained about the aches...

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We have had three great experiences with West Kelowna Orthodontics and would highly recommend their professional services. My husband and two of our...

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